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Dub's own little world. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

News and Annoucments

1-28: Hey guys! There is no school today! Everyone should go out and get snowy. And the Ridgefield School District has a 2 hour late start, so make fun of the for having to go to school in 2 hours!

1-24: Okay guys, this is really starting to anger me. I've deleted multiple post that have horrible grammer, are off topic and are just completly unessesary. Please, when posting in the forum, stay on topic and use proper grammer! I'm also getting random messages through the forms. Please stop!

1-20: I'm sorry about the URL difficulties in the couple of weeks. I think I have it fixed, and you guys shouldn't be having anymore problems. For those of you who havn't been here, every once in a while, you would get a random site instead of this one when typing in the "".

Welcome to The Dub Site!

Welcome to Dubs own little world. He controls it. Every little aspect of it. You thought he only controlled his classroom, didn't you? Well think again! Now he has his own web page! Face it, students of class 309, Dub is getting more and more powerful! Each and every second, he knows exactly what's going on! He controls the classroom, and a small web page! Are you scared? Well you should be. Guess what. Boo.


Be careful when in Dub's class. If you dont behave, this might happen to you.  -------------------------------------------------->






Dub can always appriciate a good Chuck Norris joke! It has to be good though. Otherwise he might do this to you. -------------->