The Dub Site

Dub's own little world. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

We thought we might give you some words of advice.

Fact #1- Dub is always right. Always.

Fact #2- Dub rocks at everything.

Fact #3- Dub is so strong that when rowing, he isn't pushing the boat along the water, he's pushing the Earth with his oars.

Fact #4- Dub always wins. Don't believe us? Ask him about the ants. He'll know.

Fact #5- Dub sees all. Even if he doesn't see it.

Fact #6- Contrary to popular belief, Dub actually doesn't breathe. He intakes oxygen so that you have less.

Fact #7- The reason that class seems to go so slow is because Dub actually puts so much information into your mind that it can't comprehend how fast a second is. Not that it could before anyway...

Fact #8- No, Dub is not a Yankees fan. We learned that the hard way...

Fact #9- Nor is he a UCLA fan... We also learned that the hard way...