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The Island

Chapter One

"To the Monkey Bar!" yelled Shadan.

"But we're already there!" said Eric.

"I don't care, I want to go to Burger King!" Shadan replied.

"Mike!" yelled Eric. "Get him out of here!".

"Gaah! Fine." Mike replied.

"Wait!" yelled Shadan. "I want... I want... I want..."

"What do you want?" said Eric.

"I want... Another drink!" replied Shadan.

"No! Mike, get him out of here." stated Eric.


"Hello Shadan."

"What? How'd I get home?" said Shadan, awoken and confused.

"Mike dragged you." said Kyle. It took Shadan a couple of seconds to figure out who was there, but he soon realized it was Kyle.

"Huh?" replied Shadan. It was clear that he had a bad hangover. His eyes we're as red as apples, and as he tried to stand up, he almost crashed through his hut's walls, which were as delicate as silk.

"You passed out after you left the bar. Here, drink this. I brought you a coconut and a new butt-flap." Kyle said, looking quite happy in the gift he bought Shadan.

"What?!" exclaimed Shadan. He was dazed and confused. His hangover was becoming more and more obvious.

"Just drink the coconut milk, it will clear the alcohol out of your system." stated Kyle, with a smirk on his face, happy with his smarts about nothing.

"Screw you, I'm going to work." shouted Shadan.


"The children are complaining again." said Chris.

"About what?" yelled Eric. He was obviously angry, because you could see the vein on the top of his forehead popping up.

"The water." replied Chris.

"What about it?" Eric said, just getting more angry.

"Well Gillman was swimming around under your house and found some chocolate. He took a bite and passes out, because apparently it was actually crap. You need to clean the water system." Chris told, seeming unpleased.

"Well find somebody else." Eric said, seeming to calm down.

"And the owner of the bait shop said that he saw somebody streaking around the village. It turns out that it was Colin the Fish." complained Chris.

"The fish?!" exclaimed Eric.

"Ummm... Yeah... He has gills." Chris said.


"Welcome to Buttflaps R Us, may I take your order?" Kyle said, greeting his customer.

"Yeah, I want an Island Raiders logo on my buttflap." Scott said, hoping for luck on a good price.

"Congratulations! You got the island special! You flap will only be fifty shells!" said Kyle, very happy about his customer getting such a good price.

"Heck yeah! Thanks man! Peace out!" exclaimed Scott.


"Order! Where's my order? Hurry up!" yelled Melby.

"Here it is, now get it out there!" replied Dalyn. "This is great! The blue crustation will be the greatest and fanciest resturant on the island!


"Where's the bar?" said Shadan angrily.

"There's no bar at the mall, Shadan!" yelled Eric, angry with Shadans excesive drinking problem.

"I want a smoothie." said Kristan. Everybody looked at her oddly, obviously angry with her randomness.

"You know, this mall is missing a Buttflaps R Us." said Kyle.

"Is all you ever think about buttflaps?" said Eric.

"Hey! If I didn't invent buttflaps, this entire economy would fail. You know, I was the one who-" Kyle was interupted.

"Woohoo!" screamed Colin, as he streaked by.

"That was, unneccesary..." said Eric.

"Anyway, I think-" Kyle tried to say.

"You know what we should do?" Shadan said. "We should go mountain hiking."


"Yeah!" screamed Shadan. "Only thirty miles more uphill!"

"No bumping, Eric" yells Kyle as he passes by, buttflap flying in the wind.

"Turn!" Dalyn yelled.

"This is better than the Flamingo Margerita at the Monkey Bar!" Shadan said. Everybody grunted in anger. Everybody hated Shadans drinking problem.

"Hey, what did that sign say?" Kristan said, a little confused.

"I think is said Clo-se-ded" answered Shadan.

"What?" everyone said at the same time...


Several hours later...

"That said closed you idiot!" Eric said with great anger.

"Great, now we're all in the hospital!" Mike exclaimed, ready to kill Shadan if it wasn't for the cast on his leg.

"This is perfect!" Kyle said. "How an I supposed to sell bttflaps now?"

"Sorry! I thought the sign said clo-se-ded" Shadan said, trying to defend himself.

"That means closed!" Dalyn said in great anger.


One month later...

"Hey guys, I think I'm cured! I've been sober for ten minutes. I'm going for eleven!" Shadan exclaimed with great excitment.

"You're going sober?" said Ryan. He was cleaning one of the bars mugs, hoping that Shadan would maybe keep people away from his bar long enough for him to get the place cleaned up a little bit.

"Nope." replied Shadan. "Just practicing for when the cops ask me how many drinks I've had."

"Uh huh. You know, maybe you should go to work." Ryan said, desperatly trying to save his booze.

Shadan stared blankly. "Screw you, I'm going to work!"


"Hey, who are you!?" Shadan exclaimed, with a horrid drunken slur.

"I'm Conner, I'm just here to-"

"Hey, I know you! You're Conner!" Shadan said, drunk once again.

"Umm, yeah. I was just here to pick up my double barrel slingshot." Conner said, dazed and confused.

"Oh, yeah, yeah. Here it is. That will be 350 shells." Shadan said.

"Okay, here, thanks." Conner said, quickly transfering his money to Shadan for his slingshot. He then bolted out of the front door.

"Thanks for shopping at Leggetto's!" Shadan said, then he passed out cold.


Shadan awoke on a stone table, surrounded by thousands of koala bears, each and every one of them wearing one of Kyle's buttflaps. "What do you want with me?" Shadan said, tumbling his words. He was obviously frightened.

The leader of the bears drew a spear and sword. "You must give up the drinking, Shadan!"

Shadan stared blankly. "Screw you, I'm going to work!" He then hopped off the table and walked away.

"Hey, get back here!" The leader shouted. "Nobody walks away from us!" Shadan gave them the finger. "Dang, I thought we had free beer..."